You’re engaged! Here are the next 5 steps you should take…

You’re engaged! What an overwhelming feeling. It’s like you’ve been waiting your whole life for this …or something.

It is great/fantastic/fabulous/scary/crazy/amazing/tons of other emotions-all at the same time. Here are five simple steps to take right after you get engaged!Engagement



1) Take a deep breath and cherish the moment.

No honestly. Look at your newly betrothed and take a deep breath. Right there, in the silence and before all of the “OMGs” and the “CONGRATS” and “WHEN IS THE WEDDING?” Just look at your fiancé and take it in. Being newly engaged is awesome. And it’s a feeling you will never get again. So soak it in. This is a big day.

2) Tell all of your immediate family and best friends.

There would be nothing more devastating to those you’re close to than finding out that you’re engaged….on Facebook. Don’t be that person. Inform your close friends and family via phone before you tell the rest of the world. It’s polite.

3) Don’t feel like you have to choose your wedding party the day you get engaged.

Or even right after. You may have made a pact with your best friend on the playground in 4th grade that you’d be in each other’s weddings, but let’s be honest, you’ve had five best friends since then and you think she’s living in Florida. No. Arizona…no. Florida. The point is, take your time. No one expects you to know who your bridesmaids will be right away. Take your time to think about who has stood the test of time or has a deep and meaningful relationship with you, because that’s who should be in your wedding.

4) Don’t cut any checks just yet.

Once you’ve got the ring, it can be hard not to get carried away, right away. Before you know it, you’ve booked your perfect venue, but realize there is an equally as perfect one on the other side of town for half the price! Don’t rush big decisions like your venue, your caterer, your photographer, etc. Get bids from people and take your time so you don’t rush into contracts prematurely.

5) Start thinking about your budget.

I remember when I tried to have the budget chat with my parents, there may have been tears involved…not mine. It’s a delicate subject and needs to be carefully approached. Try not to let family members feel like a bank. Before you talk to parents, chat with your new fiancé and decide together how much you two will be able to contribute (if anything) before you talk to others. Once you have your ducks in a row, it will be much easier to loop in others.


What other tips would you add to this list of things to do right after you get engaged? Share your thoughts below!

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